Sunday, September 30, 2012

San Diego Brave Girls - Week 4

I missed last it was nice to be back.  
Love these Brave Girls! :-)

Cynthia is missing as she is out of town.  :-(
Week 3 and 4 has been all about learning how to create 
mantras and positive, loving messages and 
then expressing them through art! 

Gaye was working on a word art canvas

Original Artwork by Gaye Larson

                   Kat was also starting a new word art canvas

Kathren worked on a bunch of word art canvases!  She was working on this real big one....
...and she whipped out three more for her 
three children!  Amazing!!!!
Original Artwork by Kathren Darmody
Original Artwork by Kathren Darmody
Original Artwork by Kathren Darmody

Alicia was antiquing her week 1 - funky flower canvas today.  
Isn't this awesome!?!
She was also working on her cute cell phone cases.

Original Artwork by Alicia Gelaro

Alma brought her word art canvas she did last week at home 
with her mother-in-law.
Original Artwork by Alma Buehlmaier
Cyndi was working to put words on this awesome 
background she created last week.

And she was also working on her week 1 Funky Flower Canvas
Original Artwork by Cyndi Ager

And, finally, I was creating a funky flower canvas 
to put in my Brave Girl Art School Journal
Original Artwork by Anne Corazza

I used a doilie to create texture with the table, acrylic paint and hand doodled the flowers

Original Artwork by Anne Corazza

I still need to add my message! :-)  
I will post it again when I finish.  LOL!!  I have soooooo many half finished projects!  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Creating Outside the Book

I went to art book club tonight.  We are still sort of homeless at the we are calling ourselves the gypsy girls.  :-)  This month, we went on a field trip to Urban Barn.
Gypsy Girls, September 19, 2012

We had a special guest artist tonight Jamie Dougherty.  This is my first time meeting her, but here are a few of her pieces.  She is EXTREMELY TALENTED!  Be sure to check out her website.

Original artwork by Jamie Dougherty.  

Original artwork by Jamie Dougherty.

She brought us some really cool stuff to play with and led us in a fun make n take.  Here is my finished project.
Created by Anne Corazza.  9/19/12.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Funky Flower Canvas

'Blossom YOUR way!'  By Anne Corazza, 9/2012

I FINALLY finished my week one Brave Girl Art School - Funky Flower Canvas today.  Whooo hoo!  This took me way too many hours, but it was fun.  It was really hard for me to know when to stop.  Do any of you fellow artists have a problem knowing when a piece is done?  I kept adding to it, hoping that eventually I would like it better...but I finally decided I had to stop.

It certainly did not come out anything like what I thought.  And nothing quite like all the other ones by other students in our online class.  It just kept evolving into some very strange, retro piece.  So much for antiquing mine.  Not really sure how it turned out this way.  Maybe it was because I chose to do a black background?

Here are some step by step photos so you can see how it evolved.  I kept adding and then taking off various flowers....

This frame is my very favorite part of the finished project.  LOL.  I used modeling paste mixed with blue acrylic paint and a Dylusions stencil to create this textured checkerboard look.  The table is made with PanPastels and the vase is made of textured paper.  

Next, I started adding flowers.  You will see I would add them and then delete some
and add more as I went along.

Yep, I used a mini CD for the center of the flower.  

This might be where I would have stopped if I would do it again. But,...

Here I added sequence to frame around the far right flower and then I added string gel medium to the inside of the petals.  It will dry clear.
I also added a string of beads around the large flower in the center.

Next I added more flowers and details on the top and left side.  I added modeling paste into the center of all the petals of the flower on the left.  Was not crazy about how this came out.  Flower on right has now dried clear.

I painted some flowers by hand on the top.  I added string gel medium on top of some other flower petals to make a more glossy look.

Just a few more details and flowers with glitter and paint. 

Here is a close up of the top

...and here is the bottom.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

San Diego Brave Girls - Week Two

So much FUN!  I got together with my Brave Girl Crew today.  We are on week 2 of our online class called Brave Girl Art School.  It is not too late if you want to sign up.  We are finishing up our Funky Flower Canvases from week one and then starting our projects for week 2.  Here are some of my amazing girlfriends and their beautiful art work projects!  
Kathren Darmody 9/16/12

Here is a close up of Kathren Darmody's original work!  Amazing!

Gaye Larson 9/16/12
Here is a close up of Gaye Larson's original work!  So Precious!
Kat Baker's original work! Awesome! Before she antiqued it. :-)

...and here it is after doing the 'antiquing' technique.  So cool!

My friend, Alma...she is still working on her canvas.  Can't wait to get a final photo of it!

My friends Kathren and Alicia working on their week 2 assignments. Truth cards.
Kat & I and my half way finished canvas.  9/16/12.
Gaye working on her mini funky flower canvases.  Service assignment week 2.
Cyndi working on her week one funky flower canvas.

Kathren working on her week 2 assignments.  Truth cards and service assignment mini canvases.
Here is a close up of Kathren Darmody's mini canvas.  I love this one!  

Here is a close up example of a truth card done by Kathren Darmody.
...and finally another by the very talented Kathren Darmody!  

Overall, it was such a wondeful day of girl bonding, laughter and creativity!  I love these ladies!  Thank you Kat for introducing me to the book club and these ladies.  Kathren, thank you for organizing this group.  And to all my San Diego Brave all MAKE ME BLOOM!  :-)  xoxo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

San Diego Brave Girls start their Funky Flower Canvases

Today the San Diego Brave Girls met in the classroom at Michaels in Poway 
to work on our week 1 Funky Flower canvases.  
We all had a really great time!  Lots of laughter and female bonding. :-)
Alicia & Alma hard at work, 9/9/12
Note the huge amount of stuff we brought.  LOL!

Gaye & Cynthia, 9/9/12

Cyndi & Kathren, 9/9/12

Kat & Anne, 9/9/12

Alicia & Alma, 9/9/12
 Here is the start of my funky flowers art canvas...
Step 1 by Anne Corazza

Step 1 on my funky flower canvas:
1.  Covered 11"x14" canvas with black gesso.
2.  Mixed blue acrylic paint with embossing paste and stenciled the checkers around the outside frame.
3.  Created a table to hold the vase with pan pastel color.
4.  Cut and glued the vase down.  Made from textured white handmade paper.

Then, I just started experimenting with various flowers...
Step 2 by Anne Corazza..much more to go!

Step 1 by Kat

Step 2 by Kat

Step 1 by Cyndi

Step 1 by Kathren

Step 2 by Kathren 

Step 3 by Kathren
Step 1 by Alicia
Step 2 by Alicia

Step 1 by Alma

Step 2 by Alma

Step 1 by Gaye

Step 1 by Cynthia

I can not wait to see how all of these transform.  I will take more photos next week when everyone is finished with their piece.  :-)