Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HOLIDAY PARTY with my ART soul sisters

Tonight my Creating Outside the Book Art Group got together for some holiday cheer.  We had such a FUN filled night filled with laughter, good food and AMAZING gifts!!!  There was quite a bit of pouting that was going on because we played that famous gift exchange game where people can steal your gift.  I got stolen from THREE TIMES...AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED all three of my gifts before they were stolen from me...I was sooooo bummed everytime.

First, I stole Kathren's homemade journal and apron from Alcia.  But, someone stole that from me.  So, then I opened a new gift from under the tree and it was Alma's beautiful JOY wall hanging.  I LOVED this because it had a photo of all of us with a precious message on the back.  But, no, this got stolen from me, too.  Then, I opened my third gift.  Which was a beautiful angel girl painting from Kat.  It was AMAZING and I tried to hide it.  But, Alicia stole it from me.  Pay back from me stealing from her to begin with. :-(

BUT, I ended up with a beautiful sign from Cyndi that says 'You are beautiful!'  And I have it sitting up in my art studio right now.

Here are a bunch of photos from the night.  ENJOY!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Me and our classy host, Alma, and crazy Gaye in the background!  LoL.

Elena and Alicia

Peggie, Cynthia & Kathren

Me and our AMAZING leader, Elena

The fuzzy gang...LOL! Too much wine!

Peggie is happy with her new gift!

Peggie getting her gift stolen away!  Pouter #1!

Artwork by Cyndi.  This is what I eventually ended up with.  :-)

Elena opened my gift.  She loves it because it has 'charity wings' on it! :-)

Elena and my artwork

Elena and my artwork

Original artwork by Cynthia

Alicia stole my artwork from Elena

Alma's amazing JOY wall hanging (that got stolen from me!)

Kathren's homemade apron and journal book (that also got stolen from me!)

...and Kat's beautiful angel girl painting that ALSO got stolen from me!!!  MAJOR POUT!

BUT, here is Cyndi's beautiful artwork that I finally ended up with. :-)

Alicia's homemade canvas

Gaye's homemade santa

Anne and her homemade painting

Robin is now the new owner of my art canvas :-)

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Kat's new homemade art piece and the creator, Robin

Original artwork by Kat Baker

Original art journal by Kathren Darmody

Kat and I

The gang at dinner

Original artwork (front) by Alma Buehlmaier

Original artwork (back) by Alma Buehlmaier

Alicia admiring my gift from Kat.  She is NOT going to steal this from me, is she?
Yep, she is...I am NOT happy!  My third precious gift stolen from me!  Pouter #2!

Original homemade scarf and canvas by Cynthia Ellis

Alma's AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree!

The step children

Kat with Alicia's homemade art canvas

The whole gang!

The three amigos

Silly face time...hey, how come Gaye and I are the only ones doing it?!

Alicia and Kathren's homemade apron and art journal

Alma trying to stop Elena from stealing.  LOL.

The gang with our original artwork

Robin and her beautiful homemade photo and canvas frame

Alma and Elena  xoxo

Monday, December 17, 2012

MORE Christmas gifts...

I am on a roll....

Here I created a tag to practice my idea for the canvas...

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

I started with this 6" x 6" canvas...
Original artwork by Anne Corazza.

I LOVE the rich colors in this!!!  I just used the basic cheap craft acrylic paint on this...I do not think the quality is that bad at all?  

Then, I added wings and words... 
Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Then, I got smart and used typed words in this second one.  This was created for a gift exchange with my artist friends.
Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

And finally, I made this super mini 4" x 4" canvas for some good friends of mine Robert and Michael.  "One of the greatest things in life is having friends like you."
Original artwork by Anne Corazza

I had hoped to make a bunch more of them for a bunch of my close girlfriends, but they were just too time consuming and I ran out of time.  Maybe next year?  If I start now, LOL!