Friday, November 16, 2012

Marah Johnson Workshop!!

Tonight I drove up to Oceanside which took over 2 hours due to Friday night traffic.  It only took me 40 minutes to get home.  LOL!  Sherry Poore graciously offered to open up her home (a HUGE art studio in her garage) for a Marah Johnson Workshop.  I have heard many great things about Marah's workshops and her artwork.  I was excited to finally meet her.

Here is a photo of the project she showed us how to make.  We each got to choose our own word.
Original artwork by Marah Johnson

So, of course, I had to choose a word with THREE  'E' s in it!  So, I had to buy an extra box of letters because each box has only two of each vowel in it!  LOL...

Here is my project...

Step one, cover the outside frame of the letters with scrap text or music sheet paper.  Step two, paint this newly glued scrap paper with various lumier paints.  Step three, add scrapbook paper to the back. (It did not matter what color because it is covered we all used ugly red plaid)

Here is a close up of one of the letters...

Step 4.  Then, you cover all your letters with glitter and/or paint.  I chose bright blue glitter!

We ran out of time, so I will need to add more embellishments and finish it up at home.  It was a GREAT class with some very nice ladies.  Thank you Sherry and Marah!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I really need to unpack...

Ok, today, my goal is to unpack and clean up my art area.  I still have not unpacked from the weekend away with Carolyn and then I have been meeting the girls every sunday in Poway for our Brave Girls Art School online class.  So everything is packed up and I have no desk to work on!

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November's Strictly ATCs Group

This month's Artistic Trade Card (ATC) theme 
for our exchange was "favorite artists".

For my 10 ATCs, I have already posted them in a previous post, but here they are again... 
Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Here they all are...all layed out and ready to trade...

Here is a close up of each artist's ATCs ready to trade...Can you guess the famous artist they resemble?
Artwork by Helene Laverdiere

Artwork by Joyce Thatcher

Artwork by Maura Simas

Artwork by Bonnie Tincup

Artwork by Diane Niles

Here is a close up of each individual ATC card with the name of the 'favorite artist' they are honoring...

Original artwork by Joyce Thatcher.  'Favorite Artist' - Monet

Original artwork by Diane Niles.  'Favorite Artist' - Katsushika Hokusai

Original artwork by Maura Simas.  'Favorite Artist - Georgia O' Keefe

Original artwork by Helene Laverdiere.  'Favorite Artist' -  Salvador Dali

Original artwork by Bonnie Tincup. ' Favorite Artist' - M.C. Escher

Original artwork by Anne Corazza.  'Favorite Artist' - Traci Bautista

Joyce Thatcher brought this AMAZING box she made to show off!
All I can say is WOW!
Original artwork by Joyce Thatcher

Original artwork by Joyce Thatcher
I asked if Joyce could do our technique demo next month and show us how to make this!!!  LOL!  Of course, this took hours!  But, she did graciously volunteered to lead our technique lesson next month on using clay!  whoo hooo!  :-)

And finally, Bonnie led us in our technique for tonight.  Here is what I made.  Great background.  You use black embossing powder to connect all the various scraps of paper.

And here is my happy little collection tucked away in my ATC notebook to take home with me...
ATCs with the theme "Favorite Artists"

Great night of FUN!  Thank you ladies!