Friday, August 24, 2012

August Doodle Girls

Doodle girls got together today to work on our own unfinished projects.  I forgot to take photos.  There was only two of us.  I worked on my canvas pieces for my Mom and Aunt Julianne.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I won! I won!

This is so cool....I gotta share!

So, today, at lunch, I tuned into LIVE at CHA just for an is an online webcast where you can watch the CHA conference live from your own home.  It actually runs for hours every day for several days, but I am too busy to watch it. So, I figured I would just check it out at lunch.

CHA...stands for Craft and Hobby Association.  They have a huge conference twice a year for art wholesalers and retailers with all the greatest/latest products on display.  But, non-retailers, customers like me can not attend.  :-(  

However, Elena of Charity Wings is attending it live and interviews various artists/retailers all day long.  She video tapes everything and then provides online access to live interviews and demonstrations for new products.  In order to be able to watch, you must purchase raffle tickets for a specific charity.

Well, today during the one hour that I just happened to be watching...they did a raffle drawing and called MY NAME!!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!


I won a new series line of Donna Salazar 12x12 paper and an original piece of artwork by Donna.  I will post photos in here when I receive the items in the mail.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Creating Outside the Book

Tonight our group met at a new location.  We are no longer meeting at Cool Scrapbook Stuff Store.  We met at Emmeline's Condo Club House.  Very nice room, but she just found out they are remodeling so we will not be able to return next month.  So, we are once again homeless.

It was a very laid back evening.  We went around and shared what we have been working on.  Here are some of the many things that were shared.
Alicia found this old piece of luggage at a garage sale and re-painted it.
Isn't this just so amazing!  I love it!

Emmeline made this adorable money lei for a wedding.

Cynthia made this very creative map dress canvas

...and Cynthia also made this second totally cool dress canvas!

Gaye made this adorable Happy Fall banner

Then, Elena led us in our make-n-take for the evening.  Which was created with metal washers and a metal stamping kit.  I didn't get photos of this, but will do a new post if and when I create something from these charms.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cathy Johnson's Watercolor Class

Tonight I finally went back and watched the first few videos from Cathy Johnson's Free Online Watercolor Class Sponsored by Strathmore.  I have really been wanting to experiment with watercolor paints.  Here are the drills Cathy had us do for homework.  Basic watercolor 101 tips.  It was very helpful.  I learned a lot of cool little tips from the class.