Monday, October 22, 2012

Art Weekend with Carolyn

Just got home today from a FABULOUS weekend up in Northern California with my best friend from College, Carolyn, her mom (my adopted mom), Kathy, and a bunch of Carolyn's friends.  It was my first time at a scrapbook weekend retreat and it was great FUN! Everyone else was scrapbooking and I did a bunch of various art projects that I needed to catch up on.

It took me like 7-8 hours to get to Carolyn's house...phew...quite a drive!!!  I left at was brutal!  Then, I slept for about an hour or two and then we left for another 2 hour drive to get to the camp site. We arrived Thursday afternoon before it got dark.  The house we stayed in was pretty cool...three stories.  Huge room with tables set up...we each got our own 8 foot table!!! Then, living room with couches, full kitchen and like 5 bedrooms filled with beds for all of us.  We got THREE prepared meals cooked and SERVED TO US every day!  It was amazing!  I felt like a queen!

Here are a whole bunch of photos from the weekend.  Enjoy!

Carolyn, Mom, Anne.  Yep, this is our house for the weekend! :-)

HAPPY campers!  Killer view!

All comfy!

Mom is all set up and ready to get to work! :-)

...and here is Carolyn hard at work.

The rest of the gang starts arriving!   This is just the art supplies luggage...

...and here is the rest of the luggage!!!  LOL!!  

I started off Day 1 by working on some half finished greeting cards
Created by Anne Corazza, turtle stamp by Rubber Cafe

Created by Anne Corazza, turtle stamp by Rubber Cafe

Created by Anne Corazza, stamp by ? (sorry do not remember)

Then, I created a bunch of greeting cards with this one stamp from The Greeting Farm.  I colored the girl in with copic markers and added various background papers and flowers.
Designed by Anne Corazza, girl stamp by The Greeting Farm

Here are a few of them up close...
Design 1 created by Anne Corazza

Design 2 created by Anne Corazza

Design 3 created by Anne Corazza

Design 4 created by Anne Corazza

Here are some photos of all the other ladies.  Such a wild, crazy group of FUN ladies!
Meet Beth

Meet Tuesday

Meet Anna & Kathy

Meet Julie

Meet Danielle

Meet Linda (mom) and Lorrie (daughter)

Meet Danielle and Kathy 

Day 2 - I started working on my ATC card trade for my November Strictly ATCs group.  This months theme is "favorite artists".  I chose Traci Bautista since I had this piece already done.

I took my 9" x 12" original painting and made photo copies of it shrunk down to ATC size.  Then I added some extra glitter, a rhinestone and some crackle paint on top. 

Original artwork (white version) by Anne Corazza

Original artwork (blue version) by Anne Corazza

I also worked on a few more greeting cards....

Designed by Anne Corazza, stamps by Stampin' Up!  I stamped the flower onto color paper a whole bunch of times then embossed them.  Then, I cut the flowers out and glued them to the card.  Awesome technique!

Designed by Anne Corazza, stamps by Stampin' Up!

Day 3 - Saturday....
We might be smiling, but behind these apples are three desperate ladies that were hoping on a prayer!
(Warning: must have been present to understand.) 

Today, I took my original "Love is in the Air" art piece that I created earlier this year and made copies of sections of it.  Then, I cut them to fit on my various blank card sets.  I am real happy with the results of these!
Ready to sell or give as gifts!  Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza 

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Original artwork by Anne Corazza.  And these were made to be put on a set of rectangular blank cards I had left over.

Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Carolyn and I.   I LOVE this woman...we have been friends for 25 years!!!

I climbed in bed for a little while to take a rest and worked on my art supply journal book.

And finally, my last project for the weekend... 

This started with an accidental explosion of my blue glitter glue all over this canvas.  LOL.  So I added some blue ink and created an underwater scene.

Then, I added some under sea life with a turtle and dolphins...I should have stopped here...

But, then I had the grand idea to paint a mermaid....and it went down hill from there...of well.  I was stubborn enough to keep working on it until it was finished even though I hate it.  LOL.  Oh well, practice makes perfect...
Original artwork by Anne Corazza

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Off for an adventure....out of town!

I am really excited to say that I am attending my very first 'scrapbookers' weekend retreat this coming weekend.  I am really looking forward to just getting out of town for a few days.  I hope to catch up on a bunch of my half finished art projects. I will probably be the only one that is not scrapbooking, but I am really looking forward to it.

My best friend from college, Carolyn, is a Creative Memories Distributor and she invited me to join her group.  It is up in the mountains in a 3 story house at a christian camp.  All meals are provided!  No classes or anything...just pure crafting for 3 full days!  I can't wait!!!  Whoooo Hooooo!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween ATCs are finished! :-)

I finished my 16 Halloween ATCs for my quarterly trade 
with my Creating Outside the Book Club today.

Original Creation by Anne Corazza.
These were colored with Copic markers and all 7 stamp images used were by Stampin' Up!  

I did some with a witch...

...some with a ghost....

...some with a skeleton!  Boo!

Here is what I put on the back

I am not going to be able to go to our group this Wednesday.  So my friend, Kathren, graciously offered to take them in for me.  I can not wait to see what I get in exchange.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

San Diego Brave Girls - Week 6

Another Great Day with my Brave Girls

We are still all playing catch up.  We had a two week break from new class material.  But, there will be more new material released on Tuesday...

Alicia and Alma, 10/14/12

Kat was very productive today!  She finished up all three of her sign canvases!
Kat, 10/4/12

Original Artwork by Kat Baker.
WOW!  She totally revamped this one!  Check out last weeks post to see how much she change it! 

Original Artwork by Kat Baker.  I love it!

Original Artwork by Kat Baker.  Beautiful!

I am so envious....I want to do some canvas signs!  :-(  I just have not had time yet.  This week I had to work on my Halloween ATCs that are due this Wednesday in another one of my groups.  So, not even related to this class.
Anne 10/14/12

Alma was also working on her Halloween ATCs.  Isn't it sooooo cute!  :-)
Alma 10/14/12

Kathren 10/14/12

Kathren was also working on another canvas sign. Cute!  
Orignal Artwork by Kathren Darmody

I won't be meeting with Brave Girls for several weeks.  
They will be missed!  xoxox